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Chanhassen has changed greatly over the last 2 decades.  There has been a lot of new building - some good, some not so good.  We have seen buildings built with insufficient parking availability and a disregard for the traffic and safety implications.  

Though any decision made will always leave some feeling upset, I will always do my best to listen to all sides and listen to concerns and benefits of each project.  When making decisions, I like to look at the big picture as well as both the instantaneous and long-term effects.

Chan Construction.jpg


Many roads in Chanhassen need updating.  The Franchise Fee was passed to help alleviate the cost burden of these projects.  I will never vote for any money from this fee to be used for anything but road repair/replacements.

Residents have also expressed desire for more consistent internet speed and availability throughout the city.  I would like to see more competition of providers and talk about the expansion of fiber throughout the city.

Open For Business

Small Businesses

We have seen an increase in small, locally owned businesses.  I would like to see the current businesses remain in town and see more open.  We need more sit-down restaurant options and any new building needs to take into infrastructure support and traffic safety.

power hill park.jpg


Neighborhood parks are a draw for new families looking to move and help existing neighbors interact more.  I would like to see the park replacement program continue moving forward.

We also will need to look at the newly acquired Lake Ann Park expansion.  This beautiful piece of land will be a great nature preserve for all to enjoy.

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